AnbuItachi19’s Headquarters Salvage Commentary

Hey people! I haven’t been around for a few days, but I actually went through a horrible experience. 4 gunmen with bandana’s over their faces invaded my home Tuesday morning at 12:30am and stole all of my electronics. The material things can be replaced but my two most prized possessions, my laptop and brand fuckin’ new PS3 Slim was taken from me. The burglars were stupid FUCKS and greedily touched mad things without gloves and left them there…so yep. Those dick fucks will be caught if the cops do their job. :\

Anyways, that won’t stop posting AnbuItachi’s game play video and he has a new one out for those that have been asking! Salvage, Headquarters check it out! He wasn’t in my party so this video shows him killing me like 8 times, but that was my Model 1887’s ONLY day. (Also the day I got robbed 😦 ) Please continue to give him good feedback and support!


One Response to “AnbuItachi19’s Headquarters Salvage Commentary”

  1. Glad you are ok, and good video. Are you beauteequeen?

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