E3 Wrap up *Winners and Losers*

So you probably aren’t a gamer dork like me…or you may since Ive been so focused on gaming lately for my blog but just in case, E3 is the biggest gaming conference that takes place every year allowing Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and all those developers to show off what they have in store for the upcoming year in games. Here is an QUICK overview on what Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony brought us and who is the reigning champion of E3. First off…Microsoft

Microsoft (Xbox)

Let’s start with Microsoft’s HUGE reveal of the NEW Xbox 360’s. This is not going to be an Xbox Slim like Playstation has a PS3 Slim but it is replacing all current models of the 360 and once the old models are gone they are GONE.

So remember that shit talking blog that I made a few days ago about all the reasons Xbox sucks? They answered that with this new bad boy.

★ Smaller, sleeker body

★250 GB

★Kinetic ready

★Built in Wi-Fi

★More venting and cooling sytems

The caliber of games though? Eeeeeehhhh…at least for the Kinetic is horrible, however here are the huge titles that Microsoft showed off

Halo: Reach

Gears of War 3

Fable 3

First glimpse at MGS:Rising

Microsoft teamed up with ESPN to provide exclusive content to Xbox users and has also signed a deal with Activision allowing Xbox to be the first console to recive DLC’s from all Call of Duty games for the next 3 years. (Whatever, I don’t know why they needed a DEAL they were already doing that crap!)

Nintendo (Wii, DS)

Nintendo’s less than spectacular E3 conferences for the past couple years were forgotten once they revealed the next step into the future with the 3DS, Nintendo’s revamped DS handheld upgraded for 3D gaming…

★Analog slider that replaces the Directional Pad

★More power and more memory (although the specifics on memory have not been released as of yet)

★Gyroscope added (wtf is a gyroscope?) Motion sensing people…meaning that if you turn the DS, the screens orientation will adjust. It’s great for motion sensor games that Nintendo has.

★Backwards compatibility

★ 3D Graphics man! Games in 3D including Nintendo’s old school greats such as




Donkey Kong

Animal Crossing

Along with more adult friendly games such as  Metal Gear Solid, Madden and Resident Evil.

★Did I mention that these games are 3D! Not only that, the 3DS has a slider which allows players to adjust the depth of the 3D to their liking.

Sony (PS3, PSP)

Move bitch! *Ludacris song is now playing in my head! And yours! :D*

Playstation showed a long demo of their Playstation move, their motion control equipment that will now compete with Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect. Sony shows us a preview of move compatible games such as Sorcery, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Heroes on the Move and other titles. Here are the main highlights for Sony

★Playstation Move

★3D rendered games such as:

Kill Zone 3


The Sly Collection

GranTurismo 5

MotorStorm Apocalypse

Crysis 2

Mortal Kombat

Ghost Rsecon: Future Soldier

Tron Evolution

NBA 2K11

Oh… forgot the two surprises Portal 2 and the return of Twisted Metal

★PSN Plus

Playstation’s expanded their online services and for $49.99 a year subscribers will recive early demos, beta test invites,  PlayStation Store discounts, automatic downloads and more with the first three months free.

★PSP game, God of War, Ghost of Sparta

So there you have it, in a nutshell Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony’s E3 highlights and now the question is, who do you think had the best conference? When I first began making this blog my rank was an easy Nintendo, Microsoft and a far behind Sony…however as the realization that the new Xbox is just a PS3box and has everything it should of ALREADY have…I became less impressed with their reveal so at the end of this blog my rank is….*drum roll*




Sony…by a hair edged out Sony with their high caliber games that are 3D and in some cases additionally Move ready. Kinect from Microsoft did impress me on the entertainment level of hands free selections and video/voice chat but they games that they had are just Wii games on a different system. Who do you think won at E3 this year?


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