About the Gang✫

Some info about me! ^___^

♥♪♫✫ I’m a gamer…All console qualifies; PS3 PREFFERED
I love the Pens and Steelers ♥♪♫✫
♥♪♫✫ I have a little but of emo style I’ll admit
I’m a private person which is sometimes mistaken for shyness ♥♪♫✫
♥♪♫✫ I love dance…hip hop, contemporary, jazz all types. I want to take classes to actually be able to do it though ^____^
I roll with the Eliminate.all.Lame$ Clan on MW2♥♪♫✫
♥♪♫✫I’m not fake, I can’t hide how I feel about people. If I don’t say it orally my body language says it AAALLL
I’m a college student majoring in Multimedia Animation meaning graphic design, video and graphic animation and manipulation…its my addiction ♥♪♫✫

^_^ glamgangstar@gmail.com ^_^




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