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More gameplay videos from AnbuItachi19

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It was Finals week again, so I didn’t have much time to blog…at all so now that that B.S. is out the way, back to blogging. AnbuItachi19 had posted a couple new gameplay videos, check them out and rate. Thanks, I’m pretty sure he appreciates it, I guess. -.-

Part 2/5 of his Where to find Nuke Booster series…

TDM Gameplay on Estate

World at War Free for All Gameplay

Please be awesome as I know you are and leave him some good comments…matter of fact, leave them on each video on his You Tube channel at…and if you are a IMTTT (It’s My Turn To Type) reader put \\// next to your comments.

Thanks loves :]


My reasons XBox box sucks

Posted in Games on June 13, 2010 by glamgangstar

After my lovely PlayStation 3 was snatched from my life I found myself forced to turn to an XBox for my immediate gaming needs. Bias for the PlayStation 3 to begin with, I was weary playing a Xbox. During the small times that I played it before I had no other choice, nothing about it reigned supreme to the PlayStation 3. My questions…

WTF are up with those bulky ass controllers? I can give 0 fuck about how the Xbox controllers are designed for FPS. My dainty hands just don’t like the feel of that N64 sized ass controller. Sleek it is not. Plus, the left analog stick and the D-Pad seemed purposely switched around to show how “different” they are from PS3’s…bull shit.


X Box made by Microsoft but no web browser? WTF…I was on the Xbox and wanted to watch a video on You Tube as I had no interest in switching rooms to get on the computer. Lo and behold…NO WEB BROWSER? What? Billy Bill Gates super computer genius’ company creates a Microsoft game console that cannot go on the internet? You are telling me that I have to subscribe to something to have access to Facebook? Wack.


I create my own Xbox account…whoop de whoop I get to make my own avatar. Great…now to get online and play some MW…Wait, what’s this Xbox Live? I need to upgrade? I need to pay money to play online? Something about the benefit of dedicated servers I don’t give any fuck about? Whats the point? I play online on Xbox and it gives me the same lag, booster, hack, glitchy ass problems that PlayStation give me. What am I paying for? Oh, access to stuff like Facebook and Netflix…GREAT. Could have went to those actual websites FOR FREE on my PS3 browser that Xbox fails to have. The only advantage…more people online for Xbox. But that means more boosters, hackers, aim bots and things that make playing online a living hell.


I go to log on to the Xbox owner’s profile to get on Xbox Live so that I could play MW online only to be greeted by a 7-day suspension. For what? There were no warnings whatsoever and the owner does nothing more than the average shit talking a shit talker does. Can’t play online at all. WTF. PlayStation never gives you a warning or suspends your account for anything…maybe its because Xbox is made for minors and they need “structure” and online behavior repercussions.


I want to use a Bluetooth for the Xbox, I don’t feel like plugging this special Xbox headset into the damn controller…you need an attachment for that. FAIL. I want to connect to Xbox Live wirelessly…you need an attachment for that, FAIL. I want to connect my USB and transfer files. You cant. FAIL. Why did I just get this Xbox and it has so little space? You need an extra hard drive. FAIL.

PS3 already has all that.


*this is my opinion and the “which console is better” war will always rage. It’s not ‘console loyalty’ however with my experiences between the two, I see no reason in which why people think that an Xbox is better. It’s different…but its not better.

Your thoughts?

Nuke Boosters…Catch em and kill em (AnbuItachi 19 Gameplay)

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Good Thursday everyone! Still dealing with getting my stuff replaced (and that will take some time :() but AnbuItachi19 has graced us with yet another video which is actually a mini series going through all the maps that will help you find those nuke boosting losers who can’t win off of pure skill. LOL

Check it out and as always, please comment (MORE COMMENTS puuwwweeeezzzeee) rate and subscribe he reads your feedback!

AnbuItachi19’s Headquarters Salvage Commentary

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Hey people! I haven’t been around for a few days, but I actually went through a horrible experience. 4 gunmen with bandana’s over their faces invaded my home Tuesday morning at 12:30am and stole all of my electronics. The material things can be replaced but my two most prized possessions, my laptop and brand fuckin’ new PS3 Slim was taken from me. The burglars were stupid FUCKS and greedily touched mad things without gloves and left them there…so yep. Those dick fucks will be caught if the cops do their job. :\

Anyways, that won’t stop posting AnbuItachi’s game play video and he has a new one out for those that have been asking! Salvage, Headquarters check it out! He wasn’t in my party so this video shows him killing me like 8 times, but that was my Model 1887’s ONLY day. (Also the day I got robbed 😦 ) Please continue to give him good feedback and support!

AnbuItachi19’s 1st Gameplay Commentary!

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Happy Memorial Day everyone! Before you enjoy your BBQ (or before you fall into a drunken stupor, check out AnbuItachi’s 1st gameplay commentary!

His commentary is down to earth and most Modern Warfare 2 players can relate 🙂 please show him some support through views and comments and let him know how you like it!

AnbuItachi19 got “mad skillz” and owns ho’s like a Pppiimmmp! (roflmao)

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Okay…the title is due to the wonderful brewing argument in my “Resurgence” map pack blog between one of my clan members and someone who got “mad skills” and “owns” everything that touches the Call of Duty series. This guy says he is so good  and owns “everything” and “everybody” all the time but has no videos or shit to prove it.

-.- -_- -.-

Anywho…the real point of this is to introduce an awesome person who I play with all the time and his You Tube page and videos…

Mmmmmaaaadddddd love to AnbuItachi and my 317 boys. I’ll be posting his gameplay and commentary vids as he posts them because hes awesome.

-.- Nuke Boosters -.-

For more videos from AnbuItachi19, visit

MW2 “Resurgence” Map Pack Release

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Another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map pack is set out for release. The “Resurgence” map packs featuring 5 maps including two revamped maps from COD4 are “Strike” and “Vacant” which are the previously released maps and “Trailer Park”, “Fuel”, and “Carnival” which are brand new to the mix. Infinity Ward, kissing the ass of Microsoft will give X Box Live users the first taste of the new maps on June 6th. Although the PS3 and PC release dates have not yet been confirmed, one can assume from the previous “Stimulus” map pack release that it will be released approximately one month from June 6th.

{ That’s around July 6th for the…slower friends 🙂 }

Here are some quick characteristics of each map.

Strike– Urban town surrounded by hotels from Call of Duty 4…you can get a jump-start on owning N00bs by taking a run through of it on Call of Duty 4.

Vacant– Russian complex pulled from Call of Duty 4… like Strike, you can get a jump-start on owning N00bs by taking a run through of it on Call of Duty 4.

Trailer Park– Labyrinth type map with lots of tight corridors and interconnected trailers. Has a Scrapyard feel to it, but much more chaotic. Let it be known that this will suit most FLANKERS ( That’s MMMEEEEEEE! 😀 )

Fuel– Run-n-gunners beware! Fuel, located in an oil refinery is heaven for a SNIPER. My suggestion is to learn how to deal with snipers or join em, if you can’t beat them. But since they are more experienced…you will probably be pwnd so use your sense and don’t act like a noob busting out throughout the middle of the map.

Carnival– This one has me excited…Carnival is a great mix for everyone and is especially great if you are a COMMUNICATOR. It’s in an abandoned carnival area with a Fun House, Ferris Wheel and other attractions to delight your childhood dreams. This is good for SNIPERS and RUN-N-GUNNER’s since each attraction area is set for each taste.

Lovely Activision is slamming the price of $15.00 down on everyone again which some people think is heavily overpriced. I say, I pay 3 times as much money going out in one night sometimes so dropping $15.00 on something that I will most likely play until November 5th (COD: Black Ops release date) is cool, plus if I don’t then 98% of the people who I clan up with will no longer be available to me.


What do you think about the new (well, 3/5th new) maps and the price? I say…give MW2 NAZI ZOMBIES for FREE and leave us alone until November.