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-.- Emo? E…no. Not too “pumped” with people.

Posted in General on June 30, 2010 by glamgangstar

I haven’t really delved into making really personal blogs and I never will I don’t feel that I should post people’s names on the Internet and this and that blah.blah.blah…I can change names around but nah. The people I know are smart and would probably figure out that I am referring to them.

But, as blogs are good for letting out feelings, I decide to come with some insight on how I am feeling right now which is an underlying problem throughout my life. I am a person who doesn’t really trust others, my mother told me at six years of age to “Don’t depend on anyone, not even your family”, which unfortunately was golden advice although I didn’t really know what she was talking about except that every time someone disappointed me, that is what she would tell me. I also always heard her grovel “I hate people.” and I thought…how can you hate EVERYONE? But boy have I fucking learned.

When it comes to my relationships with people…when I first meet them they are on that “Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want?” level. I realized a flaw about myself that 8 out of 10 times, I do not feel like being bothered with people because most of the time people are about bullshit. However, if that person seems like a person that I can befriend then I do.

When I befriend that person, I’m all about them. If I give you my trust, you have my loyalty…you are the shit and no one can tell me differently about you. That’s my weakness, I give my all to people I barely know and I get heavily disappointed when those people turn out to be foul, fake or fucked up.

I think I have made that mistake with someone, I gave my all as much as I could and this muthaf….ok. I will not call them a muthafucker because I have also learned that I jumped to conclusions and stick with them…HARD until I prove otherwise;  so excuse the internal battle of me giving someone the benefit of the doubt when all signs point to the fact that I am being dissed.

Now I’m a real fucking person and if someone does something wrong, I have no problems telling someone how I feel and I expect the same. How is someone going to grow as a person and improve on their critiques if the critiques are held back? Those critiques or issues that you may have with them, build animosity towards the person which leads to a silently unraveled relationship with one person having no idea what happened.

Nothing pisses me off more than when I begin to invest loyalty, compassion, trust and friendship into a person and then just like that, they are gone from my fucking life with no reason why.

Am I an asshole?

Did I piss you off?

I know I am an AWESOME fucking problem so WTF is wrong with YOU that YOU decided that I would crush you mentally like a weakened fly if our friendship continues?

If you have ever felt that way you feel me…

If you have done/do that shit…FUCKING STOP IT.

I’m the FIRST mutherfucker who will cut a person off if I feel them being fake or fucked up ESPECIALLY if I don’t really know you…

But on the other side of it, if you are starting to build a good relationship with a person whether it is a friend or more and then suddenly one day that shit goes on a stand still.


Fucking vicious cycle…I don’t let anyone new into my life MOST of the fucking time because I know that they will most likely bring bullshit and drama. But of course irony rears it fucking head when the few NEW fucking people I bring into my life do that shit. It pisses me off, I’m tired of being fucking right about people and I hope to goodness that this time I am WRONG! For once, please let me be fucking wrong.

Ahem. Whew, I feel fucking better except for the fact that the problem still remains. -.-


Listen before you buy it – Eminem Recovery

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , on June 11, 2010 by glamgangstar

2 weeks before its release, Eminem’s Recovery album has leaked on to the net. Recovery is Eminem’s highly anticipated follow-up to his looked down upon album Relapse that disappointed many fans and critics. But Recovery  is re-introducing Marshall Mathers back to the game, and he’s back with a vengeance. The question is now, with the leak, will Eminem push the album release forward? Follow the link to listen to the FULL album and BUY it when it hits stores on June 22nd….or sooner.

click the link below to listen to the full album!

★Portal to Eminem’s Recovery★

★Portal to Eminem’s Recovery★

★Portal to Eminem’s Recovery★

Thanks to awesome Google, I found this…picture…

Posted in General on April 25, 2010 by glamgangstar

I was just browsing the awesome likes of Google for “crying woman” to use as a piece for a design project aaaannnddd…. I stumbled across this…piece.

Lmao…well will ya look at that. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t have a tounge.

This….wasn’t what I was quite looking for. At all.

Back to my search…happy Sunday or whatever day it may be for you.

5 songs that prove that Eminem doesn’t suck

Posted in 5 songs proving they don't suck, Music on April 21, 2010 by glamgangstar

Music is food for the soul so like a balanaced diet I nourish myself with musical fuel while eliminating the garbage that people poison their souls with.

I’m so sick of people who say that artists who receive the accolades and praise that they deserve such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Nas and so forth…DO NOT deserve it because they are “weak”, “horrible” or some other ridiculous insult which immediately informs me that I am dealing with someone who obviously has no real taste in quality. Those people…the ones who listen to music half-heartedly looking for that stupid and senseless hook, dance, beat or goon shit; display a superficial delusion that the quality of the music they listen to is of goof quality while failing to delve into the lyrical power accompanied by bangin’ ass beats that can reach the core of your soul and back presented by real artists.

I don’t listen to the radio because frankly, 95% of the songs that are on there are BULLSHIT and in Pittsburgh we have two of the most bullshit radio stations ever. I’m not sure if it is their choice or not if they have to play the same 10 songs in different order throughout the day with special traffic jam mixes and countdowns. Just saying, please allow me to shoot myself instead of having to listen to Soulja Boy, Miley Cyrus, 4 commercials, something else that sucks and some sound effects. I’ll pass and listen to my music list.

I want to say that I am on the “Hip-Hop is dead” boat but shit, ALL music sucks these days! Everything is become techno, robotic and auto tuned and its horrible. Utterly horrible.

With that I present to you my favorite artists and 5 (very hard chosen) songs that I believe will prove to the doubters and the new listeners that not only do they NOT suck, but they are growing legends in their genre.

5 Songs That Prove That Eminem Does Not Suck

The Way I Am- The Marshall Mathers LP

No Apologies- The ReUp

Stan- The Marshall Mathers LP

Till I Collapse


A few enhancements I have done.

Posted in General on April 16, 2010 by glamgangstar

So I figured that I would show you what I have been doing since I haven’t blogged as frequently as I wanted to. Other than school and work, I have been playing with my Paint Shop Pro software because thats what I love to do. So, until I get my actual Photoshop CS5 and begin my actual design classes in school, I have Paint Shop. Here is something I just completed about 5 minutes ago.

Here are some other projects that I have been working on, trying out new techniques and learning as I go. Thats how I have always been with design but creativity cannnot be TAUGHT is is chiseled into art itself through experience.


Can’t change the face. I could only do so much lol

Anna Faris

I truely love any type of computer art thats why I’m going to school for Multimedia Animation. Throughout life, I just couldn’t stop designing. Let me know what you think 🙂

Back for good. (I promise)

Posted in General on April 7, 2010 by glamgangstar

I was stuck on a Modern Warfare 2, photo editing craze so I had no time for blogging. First and formost I apologize for that my dear readers lol. But I have been writing some blogs on good ole’ college line paper. But to update everyone, I just completed my finals for both of my classes so I’ll update you on on how that went! Work is boring as ever but eh, who gives a crap. Dropped a couple lame-a-zoids from my life so I’m feeling better than ever!

Listen to Common Wealth Family (and sip on some dIsCo LeMoNaDe)

Posted in Music, Pittsburgh Greats on March 18, 2010 by glamgangstar

Who is Common Wealth Family?

They are an





They are more than just a group of homies don’t you get it?

They are kinda like a big deal.

Common Wealth Family “Star Song” from Disco Lemonade Album. Directed by Jordan Beckham.

Common Wealth Family is an award-winning indie hip-hop group whose Power is adding shine to Pittsburgh, PA aka Pirate City.

But it goes beyond music…

[PIRATE CITY CROSS] our beloved symbol of loyalty, understanding, respect for our comrades, and the never ending pursuit of exceptional self achievement.


Creators of the Pirate City Cross…

Innovators in the Pirate City Movement…

Click the links below


Your mission, if you choose to accept it is below…


Common Wealth Family won’t self-destruct…but they will blow up