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Listen before you buy it – Eminem Recovery

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2 weeks before its release, Eminem’s Recovery album has leaked on to the net. Recovery is Eminem’s highly anticipated follow-up to his looked down upon album Relapse that disappointed many fans and critics. But Recovery  is re-introducing Marshall Mathers back to the game, and he’s back with a vengeance. The question is now, with the leak, will Eminem push the album release forward? Follow the link to listen to the FULL album and BUY it when it hits stores on June 22nd….or sooner.

click the link below to listen to the full album!

★Portal to Eminem’s Recovery★

★Portal to Eminem’s Recovery★

★Portal to Eminem’s Recovery★


5 songs that prove that Eminem doesn’t suck

Posted in 5 songs proving they don't suck, Music on April 21, 2010 by glamgangstar

Music is food for the soul so like a balanaced diet I nourish myself with musical fuel while eliminating the garbage that people poison their souls with.

I’m so sick of people who say that artists who receive the accolades and praise that they deserve such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Nas and so forth…DO NOT deserve it because they are “weak”, “horrible” or some other ridiculous insult which immediately informs me that I am dealing with someone who obviously has no real taste in quality. Those people…the ones who listen to music half-heartedly looking for that stupid and senseless hook, dance, beat or goon shit; display a superficial delusion that the quality of the music they listen to is of goof quality while failing to delve into the lyrical power accompanied by bangin’ ass beats that can reach the core of your soul and back presented by real artists.

I don’t listen to the radio because frankly, 95% of the songs that are on there are BULLSHIT and in Pittsburgh we have two of the most bullshit radio stations ever. I’m not sure if it is their choice or not if they have to play the same 10 songs in different order throughout the day with special traffic jam mixes and countdowns. Just saying, please allow me to shoot myself instead of having to listen to Soulja Boy, Miley Cyrus, 4 commercials, something else that sucks and some sound effects. I’ll pass and listen to my music list.

I want to say that I am on the “Hip-Hop is dead” boat but shit, ALL music sucks these days! Everything is become techno, robotic and auto tuned and its horrible. Utterly horrible.

With that I present to you my favorite artists and 5 (very hard chosen) songs that I believe will prove to the doubters and the new listeners that not only do they NOT suck, but they are growing legends in their genre.

5 Songs That Prove That Eminem Does Not Suck

The Way I Am- The Marshall Mathers LP

No Apologies- The ReUp

Stan- The Marshall Mathers LP

Till I Collapse


Listen to Common Wealth Family (and sip on some dIsCo LeMoNaDe)

Posted in Music, Pittsburgh Greats on March 18, 2010 by glamgangstar

Who is Common Wealth Family?

They are an





They are more than just a group of homies don’t you get it?

They are kinda like a big deal.

Common Wealth Family “Star Song” from Disco Lemonade Album. Directed by Jordan Beckham.

Common Wealth Family is an award-winning indie hip-hop group whose Power is adding shine to Pittsburgh, PA aka Pirate City.

But it goes beyond music…

[PIRATE CITY CROSS] our beloved symbol of loyalty, understanding, respect for our comrades, and the never ending pursuit of exceptional self achievement.


Creators of the Pirate City Cross…

Innovators in the Pirate City Movement…

Click the links below


Your mission, if you choose to accept it is below…


Common Wealth Family won’t self-destruct…but they will blow up

JAY Z ILLUMINATI NONSENSE. {1st of the Illuminati Series}

Posted in Jay Z Occult, Music on January 7, 2010 by glamgangstar

Yeah, every black person who infuses rock and punk in their music is a Devil Worshipper.

So, Jay Z’s video for his next single “On to the Next One” has officially debuted and the Gullible Express train to Planet Bullshit is now loading their next set of saps.

You can purchase your tickets from Vigilant Citizen at, the site fueling the notion that Jay Z is a Devil worshipper a long with Lady Gaga and other influential figures throughout the world. The Vigilant Citizen’s website headline says “That symbols rule the world, not words or laws.” The symbols Jay Z displays in his new video “On to The Next One” featuring Swiss Beats contains various symbols insinuating his attachment to The Secret Society Occult in which he is studying to be a Freemason.

Watch Jay Z’s new video On to the Next One now!

What the hell is a Freemason? If you are a Freemason, you belong to a secret organization in which its existence goes against the teachings of God. Approximately, 5 million people in America and other English speaking countries belong to this organization. This Satan worshipping organization has freemasons studying and achieving various levels of ‘degrees’ assisting in the Blueprint of Satan’s Grand Design. Satan’s grand plan, with hopes of being the true anti-Christ is to refuse God’s light and create a New World Order.

{Isn’t Satan already the Anti-Christ? Yes, however an anti-Christ is not necessarily AGAINST God but someone who want to imitate God. Satan aka Lucifer wants to be at the high of all highs and be the Christ in place of Christ.}

Um, so how does hip-hop rapper Jay Z play in to all this? The symbols! Jay Z’s “subliminal” placement of various symbols throughout the start of his “occult journey” dates back to 2001 when Jay Z is rumored to have begun his Satan loving. In 2001, Jay Z brought out his 6th studio release titled The Blueprint, which was ORIGNALLY slated to release on September 18th 2001 but was pushed backed a week due to an album leak thus making the release date 9/11/2001. According to the occult the number’s 9 and 11 are symbolic to their organization…9 is ever changing and can always reproduce itself through multiplication, never being destroyed and 11…


…something having to do with being evil (sorry I can’t stand to watch the video again accusing Jay Z of this since that information was in video 2 of 10 or something…lets also note that EACH of the accuser’s videos are at least 5 minutes each…yeah.) Watch the videos by copying and pasting the link in your URL.

So Jay Z’s release of The Blueprint was to signify his initiation into the secret occult giving him the first degree title of “Apprentice”. In 2003, when Jay Z released The Blueprint 2, that signified the second degree of “Fellow Craft”. This is when he started kicking ass in Devil worshipping…it is when he released his Blueprint 3 that he completes his freemasonry teachings making him “Master Mason”.  Omg!..

well for the sake of this blog…


Jay Z can now become a worshipful master and hold lodge meetings! Boooyyy I gotta head to 7 springs for that one! =-/

Everyone has their own right to their own perspective but I HIGHLY suggest that you research entirely the things that you hear so that you won’t be gullible and pull yourself to one side of the fence WITHOUT knowing the entire story first. After looking over all the things I read in the past about the history of freemasonry, Jay Z’s discography and overall religion I have answered my own questions that people are having themselves about Jay’s devil fan club.

Q. Why did Jay Z bring out the Blueprint on 9/11/2001?

A. The Blueprint was originally slated for drop on 9/18/2001 but was pushed FORWARD due to an album leak

Q. Why did Jay Z title his Album “The Blueprint”?

A. Unofficially crowned the “king of rap”, Jay Z decided to name his album The Blueprint to lay a foundation for other hip-hop artists to follow. His album went to #1 on the Billboard Album Charts.

Q. Why did Jay Z title his album “The Blueprint 2”?

A.  Jay wanted to continue “laying the foundation” for other hip-hop artists bringing out the Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse a dual CD. The Gift contained higher upbeat tracks while The Curse brought out darker lyrics and disses to Nas amidst their beef.

Q. Why did Jay Z title his album “The Black Album”?

A.  The Black Album is not an original idea from Jay Z since Metallica and Prince previously  came out with The Black Album. Additionally, Jay Z’s referred to The Beatle’s ‘White Album’ as an influence for his title. The Black Album was promoted as Jay Z’s final album although he would return from his retirement in the future.

Q. Why did Jay Z title his Album “Kingdom Come”?

A. During Jay Z’s retirement, hip hop began to “die” meaning that various rap artists were selling out and making sorry music only good enough to be played in the club. Jay Z’s re entry into the hip hop world was to “save” the dying hip-hop. A friend had told Jay Z about the story “Kingdom Come in which an elderly Superman comes out of retirement to show a new generation of superheroes how to be great superheroes. In the track “Kingdom Come”, Jay Z actually makes references to Superman and other superheroes.  See the “Kingdom Come” series here at

Q. Why did Jay Z name his album “The Blueprint 3”?

A. This is Jay Z’s first album as an independent artist giving Jay the freedom to expand his musicality beyond the basic hip-hop sounds you hear in most albums. Instead of hopping on the Auto Tune conformity train, Jay Z embraced Indy Rock as an influence which can be picked up through many of his tracks on the album. Many fans are split on his album and either you love it or hate.

“Nigg*s want my old shit, buy the old album” – Jay Z

Q. Where did Jay Z come up with the concept art for the Blueprint 3?

A. From artist Dan Tobin Smith from his previous works, one for Athlete Tourist’s album.  Read quotes from Jay Z himself on his concept.

{On the instruments} “These things are like the forgotten pieces in hip-hop. It’s still about music. It’s not about radio, making gimmicks — it’s still about making music. Those things are piled in the corner. These are the forgotten things about music. It’s still about music. It’s not about radio, it’s not about making gimmicks, it’s about music.”

{On the three stripes} “The three stripes that everybody is asking about is made from the original [number] three. The first three they made on the wall was someone carving. If you look at [the number] 3, all they did was connect lines. The whole thing about this album, how I approached it, is that I wanted to make a new classic to start that all over again — to go back to making classic albums like the ones we grew up listening to.” Jay wanted to go back to simpler times…also…

{Artist Dan Tobin himself on the concept} “Greg Burke, the creative director on the project at Atlantic records had seen the Letter ‘E’ I had shot with the set designer Nicola Yeoman and I guess he had it in the back of his mind when he was thinking of ideas for Jay Z’s new artwork for Blueprint 3. I think Greg and Jay Z had lots of ideas ab out what the album meant and it seemed to be about taking it back to the source, in terms of the music itself and then subsequently the artwork. For the album and the idea was it was very much about the music and all the things that make music. The 3 is represented by 3 bars which is of course the old way of writing ‘3’ so that seemed to work really nicely with the idea behind the album and the set design that evolved. We all liked the idea that the installation was almost machine like, like all these things were interlinked. That’s why everything is packed and jumbled together. Like it had kind of grown out of this corner.”

But 3 is the number of the occult!

3 is also on his album because this is the third time he has come out with a BlueprintAll together children, What number comes after 2?


That’s right




{Oh Jay, you sneaky little Devil butt licker you!}

Q. Is Jay Z wearing his hat over his eyes to symbolize his disregard for God’s light?

A. Urban males, more specifically African-American males wear baseball caps over their eyes for style. This look, although silly at times makes a gangsta look bad ass. All people who wear hats over their eyes are blocking the light of God. People mistake this light as the light of God…which is true in a way because it’s called THE SUN. Here are some occult members based on this accusation….

Devil’s Pie please save some dessert for us {Lucifer; The Black Album by Jay Z}

THIS post is the first of a series of posts regarding Jay Z and his occult accusation. After two days

of thorough research, and no real sources that have evidence to prove Jay Z’s innocence to go

against these goofy accusations I feel as a HIP-HOP fan I should answer questions for the people who can’t think for themselves.

I’m fighting the people who have no real idea about hip-hop, business, artistic innovation and worldly influence. Or the ones who are just addicted with putting things together by using one of the many things that ANY symbol can stand for and assume just because some things fit together that it automatically a hidden message.

I’m not accusing the writers of being COMPLETELY full of shit, it’s just that from what I read, these author’s have no idea about the history of hip-hop (although one of the accuser’s is black). I mean crap, Jay Z COULD be a part of the Illuminati but if you’re constantly hammering only ONE side of a story on people of course they are going to assume that argument true. There’s no argument to go against it, the only argument’s these accuser’s are going on are symbols and conspiracy theories. Know ALL sides of the spectrum before you take a stance son.

They state that Jay Z’s two videos “Run this Town” and “On to the Next One” are videos that blatantly show the symbols of his connection to the Illuminati and Occult.

My question for those people is….

If member’s of the Illuminati are sworn to secrecy, an extremely “top secret” society, then why would an influential member such as Jay Z himself purposely out himself revealing his sworn secret allegiance with them?

I’ll answer this myself…


Please, Jay Z is an EXTREMELY intelligent black man. He knows as much as other intelligent people know that EMOTION sales…fear sells, sex sells, hate sells…negativity sells.

How many people brought 2000 packs of toilet paper for the year 2000 scare? Damn conspiracy theories…they are so funny

Like the one conspiracy  in which some people America did the 9/11 attacks…..



How many people can you count have been watching Jay Z’s videos now?

Thanks for supporting the Illuminati…pppppfffffttttt

The next post of this series will delve deeper into the “symbols” Jay-Z shows insinuating his connection to the occult.

Jay Z is a black man. Who raps.
So, if he is influenced by Indy Rock and Punk then obviously… 
Black men who rap are supposed to be ghetto and from the hood. If they are listening to rock and roll and punk… if they are putting rock and punk influences in their music and videos…

Yeah, see I’m that type of black chick who LOVES rock music, Emo style, skulls and all types of cute dark things…take a look at these homemade photo shoot pictures I did in 2005…

The number of black people who asked if I worshipped the Devil were in laughable numbers.

I just thought that they would be awesome pics.