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More gameplay videos from AnbuItachi19

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It was Finals week again, so I didn’t have much time to blog…at all so now that that B.S. is out the way, back to blogging. AnbuItachi19 had posted a couple new gameplay videos, check them out and rate. Thanks, I’m pretty sure he appreciates it, I guess. -.-

Part 2/5 of his Where to find Nuke Booster series…

TDM Gameplay on Estate

World at War Free for All Gameplay

Please be awesome as I know you are and leave him some good comments…matter of fact, leave them on each video on his You Tube channel at…and if you are a IMTTT (It’s My Turn To Type) reader put \\// next to your comments.

Thanks loves :]


Nuke Boosters…Catch em and kill em (AnbuItachi 19 Gameplay)

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Good Thursday everyone! Still dealing with getting my stuff replaced (and that will take some time :() but AnbuItachi19 has graced us with yet another video which is actually a mini series going through all the maps that will help you find those nuke boosting losers who can’t win off of pure skill. LOL

Check it out and as always, please comment (MORE COMMENTS puuwwweeeezzzeee) rate and subscribe he reads your feedback!

AnbuItachi19 got “mad skillz” and owns ho’s like a Pppiimmmp! (roflmao)

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Okay…the title is due to the wonderful brewing argument in my “Resurgence” map pack blog between one of my clan members and someone who got “mad skills” and “owns” everything that touches the Call of Duty series. This guy says he is so good  and owns “everything” and “everybody” all the time but has no videos or shit to prove it.

-.- -_- -.-

Anywho…the real point of this is to introduce an awesome person who I play with all the time and his You Tube page and videos…

Mmmmmaaaadddddd love to AnbuItachi and my 317 boys. I’ll be posting his gameplay and commentary vids as he posts them because hes awesome.

-.- Nuke Boosters -.-

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